Disaster Recovery Plan | San Antonio

Having a disaster recovery plan in place lets you get back to handling your business faster in the event of a natural disaster, data breach, or other disaster.


Your employees will lose as much as 75% of their productivity during an outage–not to mention the business you’re losing.


IT Net Pros can create an effective disaster recovery plan for you. In the event of a disaster, you’ll get your business up and running again faster, which means less money lost.


Depending on the location of your organization, your operation may be susceptible to storms that down trees and power lines. And, no matter where you are, a simple accidental deletion of data by one of your employees can put your services on hold.


A disaster recovery plan will make it possible for everyone in your organization to know what they’re supposed to be doing in the middle of a disaster. What plan of action would you take to notify clients that there’s a potential problem? Maybe your website is down, maybe the credit card data has been compromised, or a natural disaster has shut down your business? Who have you left in charge of making sure that your employees know what’s expected of them immediately following the disaster? Who is in charge of taking the correct steps to bring your system back up and running? When you have a disaster recovery plan in place, all employees know what is expected of them.


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