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Reduce risk, save time and get the most out of your technology by working with our team of experts.

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

Warren Buffett

We’ve got you covered.

When companies begin to succeed and grow, they need an IT solution that is scalable and can grow right along with them.

IT Net Pros is an industry leader in this region because we take time to sit down and listen to our customers. Many people understand that IT related problems are annoying and inconvenient, but when we hear about failing IT systems, we think about people’s lost revenue and productivity.

We can recommend a comprehensive IT solution purpose-built for the current and future needs of your company.

Service Calls

Our expert technicians stay connected with you and your employees continuously. Thanks to our remote service agent system, we will respond to any issues within one hour and resolve most incidents in less than 24 hours. We have dramatically reduced technical issues and downtime for all our customers, thanks to our pro-active maintenance.

Cyber Security

Take advantage of our sophisticated security threat detection, monitoring, protection and response services to keep you, your employees and your data safe from today’s security threats. We stay on top of cyber criminals’ newest and most malicious attacks so we can effectively safeguard our customer’s systems and data.

Infrastructure Design

If you are a new company and unfamiliar with IT systems, we can explain the benefits of a custom designed solution and how it can keep your business healthy.

Disaster Recovery

We manage your backups and help you recover quickly should your network become compromised.

Virtualization in the Cloud

We offer secure cloud services offsite back up and file retention of mission critical data. By managing your data in the cloud, you can reduce the overhead of costly hardware and infrastructure. This also ensures a high-level of availability.

Migrations & Upgrades

Our architects have have successfully managed the migration and upgrade of many clients’ IT systems. We understand how to appropriately plan and coordinate in order to avoid the risk of common problems that can lead to downtime or even catastrophic failure.

What our Clients are Saying

We’re here to help.

At IT Net Pros, we want to hear about your concerns and understand what you want to accomplish. That’s how we can deliver a tailored recommendation that will make you happy.