Cyber Security Awareness | San Antonio

Here are a few Cyber Security Awareness tips to share with employees, coworkers, and family.

💥Put idle screens to use. Employee computer screens are an opportunity to reinforce your key messages. Use corporate screensavers to promote correct online behavior or encourage staff to report suspicious activity. You can’t remind staff too often.

💥Show staff how to protect themselves in their personal lives as well as professional. For example, how to protect their home computer, keep kids safe online, check for viruses, use password managers etc. This helps correct behaviors become second nature.

💥Phishers gain access by falsely telling users they have a suspicious account login or expired password, then providing a link to a spoofed (phony) page to steal their information. A single compromised SaaS (software-as-a-service) account can expose a plethora of files, email and other highly sensitive information.

IT Net Pros advises that enabling multi factor authentication for all users is the absolute minimum precaution against SaaS credential compromise.

💥Attacks through Messaging Apps. Most people tend to be overly trusting when using popular and widely used tools such as; Slack, Skype, Teams, Facebook Messenger and similar collaboration apps which is exactly why they should be covered in your firm’s security awareness programs.

💥Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

A BEC exploit is when the attacker uses the identity of someone on a corporate network to trick the target or targets into sending money to the attacker’s account. In recent years, U.S. businesses have lost more than $12.5 billion to BEC scams, according to the FBI. These social engineering attacks are on the rise and will remain a top threat through 2019 and beyond.

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