Coronavirus Means Working From Home For More Employees

Going to work is a standard procedure, we all know the drill: every day you wake up, you get in your car and you head to your company’s office. You punch a card and you start working, simple as that. This is the standard for every company around the world, from local grocery stores to automobile factories. One might say that, these kinds of businesses depend on the physical presence of workers in order to function. It is reasonable after all since certain kinds of jobs require manual labor. Factories are a great example; just imagine for an instance what would happen if all the lift truck operators, welders, machinists and plant managers were unable to go to work.

This scenario is not so far-fetched as you might think, in fact it’s happening right now. The corona virus outbreak has significant impact not only in public health but also the global economy. Since thousands of people must stay at home in order to prevent further spreading, trips, sports events and bookings are canceled. These measures to keep the spreading of the virus under control has significantly impacted numerous businesses such as restaurants, bars, airports and hotels. In fact, this impact is so severe that some speculate that it might approach the financial crisis of 2008. This begs a very important question: What happens when you are unable to go to work? It’s not unreasonable to think that, these measures can be translated to unemployment rates rising. Thankfully a solution to this problem already exist and it’s called remote work.

Remote work can be an extremely effective alternative since it doesn’t depend on the physical presence of workers. All the work can be completed through the internet from the employee’s home. This can allow companies to overcome the limitations that the coronavirus pandemic causes and continue operating. Therefore, it is no surprise that there was a rise in remote work this year as more and more companies are adopting this method.

So, problem solved right? Well, not quite. While remote work can be an effective solution both for employees and businesses, it is also important to mention that it has a couple of challenges. The more important of which are security and privacy. To be more specific, since remote work is done over the internet there is a significant risk of leaking sensitive information. Imagine for instance what would happen if Apple employees became the target of hacking while working remotely and all the latest source code fell into the hands of their competitors. Proper network infrastructure, that is both reliable and secure is of critical importance.

A simple and relatively cost-effective solution to the above-mentioned problem are VPNs, through which employees can safely login to their accounts. For those who don’t know VPN stands for virtual private network and are encrypted internet connections, inside which data can travel without being known to the outside world. One might say that they are like underground pedestrian tunnels which provide a safe medium that humans can use in order to cross over roads.

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