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A growing business needs excellent IT support from an accredited MSP company. When a business doesn’t have a large workforce and IT is not their core business, they shouldn’t have to invest in hiring a full-time employee to handle their IT.

Maybe you’ve heard the hype surrounding the new iPhone 12. For the business and IT industry, the latest news is on Managed IT Services. All over the world, small and medium sized organizations are partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) to support their growing IT needs.

We’ve discovered 7 reasons why SMBs are making the switch:

  1. A Cost-Effective Alternative – One of the most attractive benefits of managed IT services is that SMBs can avoid expanding their IT staff, which is an expensive venture when compared to the fees charged by MSPs for their services.
  2. Supplements IT Department Limits – For a lot of companies, it isn’t a question of, “Why should we use an MSP?”. Instead, it’s a given, since their IT team is overwhelmed with responsibilities. Your IT department may have reached their limits.
  3. Redirects In-House IT Staff’s Time – Managed IT services will give your IT staff the time they need to focus on more critical in-house projects instead of fumbling between multiple responsibilities.
  4. Delivering Optimal Security – Security is essential. No matter they type of business. One of the main benefits of an MSP is they specialize in handling a company’s network security, assuring business owners their sensitive data is safe.
  5. Offers a Proactive Approach to IT – Another key point for why businesses are using an MSP is because your providers will take a proactive approach to IT, ensuring networks, mobile devices and cloud services are up-to-date, patched, and more.
  6. Improves Customer Relations and Service – Your MSP can eliminate your downtime — whether it’s your online store or VoIP phone system — they strengthen your relationship with customers, which can lead to more sales.
  7. Boost Workplace Productivity – A benefit of MSPs is how they improve the productivity in the workplace. Having a secure, stable network and fewer help desk tickets, your staff and IT department can do more with their time in the office.

Start Saving & Make the Switch Today!

With numerous benefits of managed IT services, it’s unlikely the hype around it will die down. Interested in learning more about why businesses use an MSP?

Contact us today and we will share our more than 3 decades of industry experience in serving as an MSP to small and medium companies throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas.

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